This example uses the EmonTX connected to a RaspberryPi3 with the PlatformIO remote agent and Eclipse Che’s PlatformIO stack. d11893a8-a2e5-11e6-9252-830ab42c4f0e.jpg

  1. Connect the EmonTX to USB to RS232 TTL Converter Adapter Module and then connect that to the RaspberryPi3

  2. Install PlatformIO: sudo pip install

  3. Login to your PlatformIO account: pio account login

  4. Start the PlatformIO agent: pio remote agent start&

  5. Go to the Che dashboard and create workspace from PlatformIO stack


  1. In Che choose Workspace > Import Project and import the EmonTX firmware code from GitHub:


  1. In the project import wizard, set the project type to C++.

  2. Open /emonTxFirmware/emonTxV3/RFM/emonTxV3.4/emonTxV3_4_DiscreteSampling

  3. Right click on the folder and select Convert to Project

  4. Choose a C++ project.


  1. Open terminal and login pio account login you need to do it once per workspace.

  2. Run command Remote device list. Make sure your device is listed.

01436220-a2ea-11e6-895f-be29fd448965.png You can use the built-in commands to upload and list devices.

Finally, you can track devices with a serial monitor by entering pio remote device monitor - -baud 115200