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One-click developer onboarding that is rapid and secure.

Onboard full-time, part-time or remote developers using containerized workspaces that are accessible to anyone, anywhere using a browser-based IDE.

Developer Onboarding

Software development with JIRA will never be the same.

Codenvy seamlessly integrates with JIRA issue management, allowing anyone to launch ready-to-code developer environments from any device in seconds.

Development with JIRA

Eclipse Che for enterprises, making software development better.

Codenvy is based on Eclipse Che and uses enterprise extensions to help organizations accelerate time-to-market and make developers more productive.

Codenvy Technology

See how containers are transforming software development.

The Market Map for Containers is a visual ecosystem of vendors that leverage container technology to drive the transformation of software development.

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Codenvy’s multi-user / multi-tenancy enables team collaboration. Connect to your LDAP/AD or oAuth to simplify on-boarding.

Infinite scalability

Codenvy can host hundreds of thousands of users, each with multiple shared or private workspaces. Resource caps allow you to control how compute is consumed and limited.

Integrate with existing DevOps tools

Codenvy workspaces connect your issue management, version control, and continuous integration tools to make agile development seamless and continuous.

Improve development workflow

Enable developers and users to collaborate on code before it’s merged allowing anyone, anywhere to contribute to projects without first installing software.

Flexible deployment options

Host Codenvy on your own server. Download and install it in minutes. Or, start now codenvy.com with free workspace hosting. See our pricing for more details on packages.

Secure the workspace

Lock workspaces according to your rules. Permission controls, group access rights, HTTP/HTTPS and single sign-on give you control without limiting your developers.

Apply operational policies

Orchestrate your workspace cloud with resource management, scaling and administration tools.

Customize with stacks, templates, plug-ins

Create custom workspace stacks and templates that create development runtimes which match production. Or, package custom extensions into assemblies to tailor how development is done.

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Our Customers


Red Hat embeds Codenvy in the Open Shift workflow to make developing, debugging and deploying apps simple.


Codenvy's developer environment automation saved Intuit $131,191 for their 4,000 person hackathons.


SAP uses Eclipse Che as the workspace server underlying all the developer tooling for their Hana Cloud.

Youth Digital

Youth Digital marries its teaching software and Codenvy's IDE to make learning Java fun for thousands of kids.

Codenvy is Built on Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE. With contributions from Microsoft, Samsung, Red Hat, SAP and others, Eclipse Che is transforming software development.

About Eclipse Che