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Workspace platform
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Quick install, multi-machine workspaces.

Install Codenvy behind a proxy or even offline. Run multiple machines in your workspace with a compose file. Mount your desktop IDE to a portable Codenvy workspace.

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Simplify how you onboard development teams.

Cloud developer workspaces that are accessible from any browser or local IDE. Roles and permissions allow you to control who and how users access workspaces.

Developer Onboarding

Better collaboration and team development with JIRA.

Codenvy seamlessly integrates with JIRA issue management, allowing anyone to work on any issue without having to install software first.

Development with JIRA

Eclipse Che for enterprises, making software development better.

Codenvy builds upon Eclipse Che to deliver workspaces for development teams, and a scalable workspace management platform for DevOps.

Codenvy Technology

Our Customers


TIAA-CREF is revolutionizing how they develop and deploy software, and Codenvy is at the heart of the improvements.

Red Hat

Red Hat embeds Codenvy in the Open Shift workflow to make developing, debugging and deploying apps simple.


SAP uses Eclipse Che as the workspace server underlying all the developer tooling for their Hana Cloud.

Youth Digital

Youth Digital marries its teaching software and Codenvy's IDE to make learning Java fun for thousands of kids.

Codenvy Is Powered By Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE that makes workspaces instantly available and shareable. With contributions from Codenvy, Red Hat, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP and IBM, Che is the foundation of Codenvy.

About Eclipse Che