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Develop code with portable Docker runtimes. Workspaces “dev mode” production adding intellisense, debuggers and desktop sync. Create teams for sharing at or in a private install.

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Steve Brown

Software Development Engineer

Setting up a local IDE to support multiple languages across the computers I use, and keeping them updated, isn’t fun for me. I’m glad I can remove some of that setup drudgery with Codenvy and get back to what I enjoy doing.

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Arnaud Kervern

Developer Advocate

Our team uses Codenvy connected to our open source GitHub repos to make it easier for our committers and external contributors work together. We also use it for training classes where it cuts the lab setup time to zero and makes it easy for teachers and students to work through labs together.

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Ajay Yeluri

Managing Director

We've helped many large enterprises transition to the cloud - Codenvy lets us bring cloud transformation and all its benefits to the dev team, while respecting the high security requirements our customers have.

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Core Capabilities

One-Click Docker Environments

Create workspaces with production runtimes containing your projects and tools. Define single machine or multi-machine workspaces – even mirror production.

  • Automate workspace creation and sharing
  • Create Docker-based stacks and runtimes
  • Code against multi-machine images
  • Integrate your version control

Team Onboarding and Collaboration

Onboard teams with powerful collaboration, workspace automation, and permissions. Devs can use their local IDE or the gorgeous Eclipse Che cloud IDE.

  • Share workspaces with users on any OS
  • Control workspace permissions
  • Use our browser IDE or your desktop editor
  • Define resource limits for teams

DevOps Workspace Platform

Manage workspaces at scale with programmable and customizable infrastructure that lets you control system performance, availability, and functionality.

  • Install anywhere that Docker runs
  • Scale horizontally or vertically
  • Keep source code of end user devices
  • Tailor the system with extensions

Powered by

Eclipse Che

Codenvy is built on Eclipse Che - the #1 open source cloud IDE. Che's contributors represent world-class software companies including Red Hat, Docker, SAP, Salesforce and Samsung. Codenvy builds on Eclipse Che to add multi-tenancy, security controls and automation.

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