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We build developer workspaces powered by Eclipse Che, the next-generation Eclipse IDE. Trusted by companies and developers. Valued by anyone who loves building software.

About Us

In May 2017 Red Hat acquired Codenvy. We will be combining resources to create an agile development platform for OpenShift-powered applications. Red Hat will continue to support on-premises customers with paid subscriptions, similarly there will be no changes to the running and support of the site.

Codenvy has raised $10M from Toba Capital and Auriga Ventures and has established strategic partnerships with Red Hat, Docker, Microsoft and SAP and uses its seat on the Eclipse Foundation board to drive the cloud development tools top-level project.

Our Team

There is an amazing collection of people at Codenvy. We work across 5 time zones, and use Codenvy products to build our customer offerings. Our drive and commitment is fueled by a passion for making development better for everyone.


Our Customers

Red Hat embeds Codenvy in the Open Shift workflow to make developing, debugging and deploying apps simple.

SAP uses Eclipse Che as the workspace server underlying all the developer tooling for their Hana Cloud.

Codenvy’s developer environment automation saved Intuit $131,191 for their 4,000 person hackathons.

Youth Digital marries its teaching software and Codenvy’s IDE to make learning Java fun for thousands of kids.

Media and Analyst Praises

“Codenvy is an IDE for your virtual lab. You can finally just pick up your computer, go to the beach, and continue where you left off.”
“Codenvy is an orchestration engine that wants to optimize everything before the commit.”
“Containers are shifting the very nature in how software is authored and delivered. Codenvy changes the architecture to let us build software continuously.”
“[Their] approach to automating makes Codenvy interesting beyond the du jour developer play.”
“Eclipse Che [is] an expansive Java IDE and workspace provisioning system designed to push Java development into the cloud.”
“Eclipse Che is hosted, whether on a desktop, in datacenter, or in the cloud. Workspaces can be cloned, embedded, and shared in ways that decentralized workspaces cannot.”

Open Source is at the Heart of Everything We Do.

We started Eclipse Che, a next-generation Eclipse IDE with support and contributions from Red Hat, SAP, Microsoft, Samsung, Serli, WSO2, and so many others. It has now grown to a huge community of active developers.

70+ Contributors including
39 from Codenvy

2,000+ Registrants for
the first CheConf

3,700+ GitHub stars

Get involved with the Eclipse CHE project

Community Love

“Automation Simplified”

“Using customized Codenvy factories, Teaching Kids Programming provides a rich learning environment that even new users can jump right into.”

— Lynn Langit, Teaching Kids Programming

“Codenvy is Killer”

“I use a Chromebook as my development machine which is pretty lightweight in itself and Codenvy runs sleek on that.”

— Nishanth Vincent, Web Developer at Zentechinc