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Create a consistent workflow for reproducible and collaborative developer workspaces.

Arnaud Kervern

Developer Advocate

Why Teams Love Codenvy

Every team gets all the one-click developer environment benefits that developers love about Codenvy, but with team-focused capabilities like custom runtimes, collaboration and fine-grained permissions.

Invite anyone to your team - they can be developing in seconds. The team can collaborate dev-to-dev or interact with stakeholders before the commit.

Under the Hood:
  • Team Invites
  • Permission Management
  • Workspace Onboarding
  • Collaboration

Create custom stacks - runtimes based on production images, with tools devs need. Add sample code for training or to bootstrap new team members.

Under the Hood:
  • Runtime Stacks
  • Team Workspaces
  • Project Samples

Share workspaces and automate them with Codenvy Factories. Factory URLs can be used in any dev workflow. Even badge your repo so anyone can contribute.

Under the Hood:
  • Toolchain Integrations
  • Provisioning Metadata
  • Repo Badges

Setup users as power devs with full rights, or constrain them to only view and run (perfect for stakeholders). Change a stack and the whole team is up-to-date.

Under the Hood:
  • Permissions
  • Resource Controls
  • Workspace Updates

More Coordinated, Less Effort

Arnaud Kervern

Developer Advocate

Codenvy has made collaboration within our team and with our user community more efficient and fun. We use Factories for Nuxeo to ensure that we're coding with the same dependencies, runtime versions and even code branches. Publishing that Factory on our GitHub repo enables our community to run, edit and build the Nuxeo platform with a single click.

Codenvy is also at the heart of our training classes where it's eliminated the time lost at the beginning of each training course setting up and troubleshooting attendee's systems. Now we just give each attendee a link and they're ready to go in seconds.

“Codenvy has eliminated time wasted trying to keep our environments synchronized and has helped our community experience Nuxeo more easily.”

Codenvy Plays Nice With:

Plus hundreds more frameworks, languages and tools.

Why You Should Switch:

Codenvy Versus VMS and Vagrant

Codenvy containerized workspaces start faster than VMs, are recipe based (easy to update) and shareable with a URL. Use it on any device.

Codenvy Versus Docker on a Laptop

Codenvy uses Docker but manages all the provisioning, scaling and stopping so you don’t need to install or configure Docker, Compose or Swarm yourself.

Codenvy Versus Localhost

Codenvy workspaces are shareable and portable. They never run out of resources and can be created and updated via API. Read more about Codenvy versus localhost.

What Do Teams Do
with Codenvy?

  • Onboard new developers into the team with zero lag time
  • Collaborate with devs and stakeholders before committing
  • Simplify the code review process
  • Share coding ideas and hack spaces with zero effort
  • Add Codenvy workspaces badges to their repos

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