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Developers and IT teams can increase their agility by replacing VMs with containerized workspaces.

Today’s teams need to share and collaborate - that’s the spirit of DevOps. Wasting time on individual configurations and VM juggling kills agility.

Businesses today need faster and more reliable releases. To be agile, a team needs to be coordinated across its people, processes and tools. The goal is for software development to be “continuous” and automated.

Agile and DevOps methodologies have changed the way that software is delivered to users, but most development teams still operate as they did 15 years ago - wasting time and energy managing local dev environments, and shared virtual machines.

By ditching old school tools like VMs and Vagrant you can decrease configuration time and increase coding time.

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Codenvy Makes Development Easy

Keeping everyone working on a project synchronized is a big job. You have to worry about which branch people are working on, whether they’re using the same dependency versions, if their runtime environments are identical… It’s practically a full time job.

For Codenvy users, things are easy. Workspace replicas can be generated by clicking a URL. Branching can be automated so everyone is always on the same branch. You can even open two separate environments, or two separate branches at the same time in separate workspaces to compare implementation options or do a quick code review without stashing your own work.

Internally Codenvy automates the syncing between the docker containers your workspace uses and the source code you’re live editing in the IDE. So you’ll never again spend time trying to diagnose a strange issue only to realize that you forgot to rebuild your container after the last code change.

Why Change a Good Thing?

One thing we don’t do at Codenvy is pull you away from your repo of choice. Connect Codenvy to your repo and developers will still push and commit as they always have - no need to relearn what you already know how to do. Of course, we might simplify a few things with features like our pull request panel which simplifies the creation of pull requests for developers who are new to git.

Protecting Your Source Code

Each year, the number of developers that are working across the globe in remote positions is increasing. It’s becoming an integral part of company culture, but for the teams that are responsible for a business's security and technical operation, it can be a nightmare. Every developer uses what makes them most efficient, and since there is a lack of uniform security measures that they can mandate, it makes for a nightmare for any IT employee.

Until recently, solutions that offered the flexibility that developers needed and the security that IT departments wanted didn’t scale or meet the exact needs for most teams. Codenvy has the solution that your Developers and IT departments both want. Our container workspaces are centrally hosted on servers and offer HTTPS / SSL access.

For developers, they have complete control of the containers where their code is edited and run yet the source code never lands on a laptop. We replicate the localhost experience and enhanced the security.

Codenvy security features for enterprises and teams include:

Talk to us to learn how we can help keep your IP safe.

Ditch the VMs

Codenvy cloud workspaces contain projects and runtimes which free developers from the grasps of their VMs. Codenvy workspaces are portable from device-to-device, and moving them is as easy as clicking the link from another device. There’s no need to transfer huge VMs back-and-forth and worry about manual synchronization.

Workspaces are also shareable with privacy controls so you can get input from a specific developer, or open things up for inspection from everyone.

Finally, workspaces are managed in a multi-tenant system that you can install anywhere that Docker runs. Connect Codenvy to your LDAP for quick access and portion off resources so teams don’t step on each other's toes.

See the Codenvy Magic

Learn about developing code with portable Docker runtimes, how to “dev mode” production with debuggers and desktop sync.

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Working in a Team?

Build custom stacks, manage permissions / resources, and collaborate with your team members in our cloud or your local install.

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Need Enterprise?

Integrate with your private toolchain, connect your LDAP and control every aspect of the system. Even install in a secure datacenter.

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