Codenvy allows anyone to contribute to a development project at anytime without having to install software.

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Wikis and Tribal Knowledge

Onboarding a new developer, whether an employee or consultant, often takes days or even weeks. Workspace configuration is tribal and manual - often vaguely documented on wikis. “Hey, just follow these steps - it worked for me!” The scope of setup is broad, ranging from tool installation, workspace configuration, authorizations to internal resources, build setup, debugging environment, and staging access.

Wikis and Tribal Knowledge

Why This Fails

Automated Bootstrapping with Codenvy

Codenvy generates on-demand workspaces that are on-demand, collaborative, and constraint-free. Reachable from any device, workspaces are generated as the developer works within their issue management or favorite requirements tools.

Workspaces are generated through our “Factory” automation, which handles all on-boarding tasks including environment boot, downloads, authentication, tool injection, and branch setup.

Automated Bootstrapping with Codenvy

Why This Works

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The era of DevOps is upon us. Read our white paper to learn why companies are moving away from localhost environments and choosing on-demand developer workspaces.

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Look Deeper: Codenvy's Workspaces

Our workspace documentation explains how Codenvy workspaces are contructed - combining project sources with runtimes and commands to create a portable, shareable workspace.

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