• Instantly provision workspaces
  • Code anytime/anywhere
  • Powerful builders and runners
Develop anytime/anywhere on virtually any platform with the click of a button. No need to worry about installing libraries, packages, or maxing-out local resources. Say goodbye to conflict and corruption hassles. Your development environment is seamlessly and instantly provisioned by Codenvy. Pre-configured tools manage dependencies, validations, builds, packaging, and deployment to get you started faster.


  • Clone workspaces
  • Share in real-time
  • Multi-module projects
Clone and share workspaces using policy-based Factories. Pair program, review code, or onboard new team members with collaborative workspaces. Eliminate sync issues between team members by centralizing project configuration. Control work through project visibility and multi-module projects. Codenvy eliminates the barriers to sharing and distributing work.

Code, Build, Test,
Deploy, Extend

  • Editor, builder, and deployer
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Run and debug in our cloud local runtime
Codenvy is built upon a scalable, extensible plug-in architecture that includes an embedded cloud-local builder and runner to package and debug applications. It includes the tools, integrations, and plug-ins you expect: syntax highlighting, code completion, refactoring, packages, build manager, continuous integration, git, and PaaS deployment. For anything more unusual, just use the provided SDK to build your own extensions.

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User Guide

Codenvy User Guide

Explore the Codenvy ecosystem of tutorials, videos, and more

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Learn to use Codenvy with over 100 integrated technologies

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REST API References

This API represents the core functions in our environment

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Integrated Technologies

Traditional IDEs | 5
  • eclipse
  • intelli-j
  • netbeans
  • notepad++
  • sublime text
ALM Tools | 2
  • rally
  • tasktop
Languages | 9
  • css3
  • html5
  • java
  • js
  • php
  • python
  • ruby
  • xml
  • yaml
Frameworks | 40
  • android
  • angular
  • apache commons
  • apache software
  • backbonejs
  • batmanjs
  • codeigniter
  • dojo
  • drupal
  • gen my model
  • gwt
  • hamlets
  • handlebars
  • hibernate
  • html parser
  • http client
  • icon-jerseryrestful
  • joomla
  • jquery
  • jsf
  • jsoup
  • jsp
  • log4j
  • logbook
  • mentawai
  • node
  • primefaces
  • pygments
  • resteasy
  • restlet
  • rubyonrails
  • spring
  • stripes
  • struts
  • twitterbootstrap3
  • vaadin
  • werkzeug
  • wordpress
  • zxing
  • zend
Databases | 7
  • espresso logic
  • hypersql
  • lucene
  • ms sql
  • mysql
  • neo4j
  • oracle
Hosted API Services | 22
  • active-network
  • bigml
  • bookshare
  • clockwork
  • crunchbase
  • datasift
  • facebook
  • harpercollins
  • hubspot
  • itext
  • keen io
  • mailchimp
  • mailgun
  • patch
  • peerindex
  • pipl
  • sendgrid
  • skydrive
  • soundcloud
  • sports data
  • twilio
  • zeit online
Code Repositories | 16
  • assembla
  • beanstalk
  • bitbucket
  • cloudforge
  • codebase
  • codeplan
  • codespaces
  • deveo
  • github
  • git enterprise
  • gitlab
  • gitorious
  • pikacode
  • planio
  • projectlocker
  • unfuddle
Continuous Delivery | 10
  • apacheant
  • cloudbees
  • gradle
  • hudson
  • jenkins
  • jrebel
  • junit
  • maven
  • mockito
  • selenium
PaaS / IaaS | 11
  • amazon
  • appfog
  • cloudbees
  • cloudfoundry
  • googleappengine
  • heroku
  • jelastic
  • openshift
  • phpcloud
  • tier3
  • wso2
Develop Privately

with your own Codenvy Cloud

Free 30 Day Trial Installation

Install the Codenvy Cloud in minutes. Unleash development, increase velocity and improve collaboration for teams of any size.
Deploy a private Codenvy Cloud on your servers

Deploy a private Codenvy Cloud on your servers

Your environments contain code critical to your business. Run Codenvy on your own hardware where developers can access frameworks, resources and repositories that live behind your firewall. Stay safe without compromising productivity.


Load users and authenticate with oAuth/HTTPS/LDAP

Bulk load users and authenticate with oAuth/HTTPS/LDAP

Load accounts manually, in groups, or through LDAP. Users can authenticate with their corporate LDAP / SSO credentials to gain privileged access to environments. Or, enable viral adoption with our no-authentication, quarantined temporary workspaces called Factories.

Accelerate standardization with environment configuration

Accelerate standardization with environment configuration

All environments are centrally configured, provisioned and cloned, making it easier for your organization to standardize and share development stacks. By decoupling environment configuration from the environment itself, we are able to link developer environments into all of your lifecycle development stages and tools.


Apply access and privacy policies to groups

Apply access and privacy policies to groups

Organize users and environments into groups with our organization construct. Use organizations to provide essential controls for employees and contractors. Apply policies across environments and users including privacy, access, plug-in, and hardware resource allocations.


Secure and quarantine workspaces from outsiders

Secure and quarantine workspaces from outsiders

Configure quarantined workspaces with privileged assets to allow contractors and outsiders access to controlled resources.


Track development activity & sessions

Track development activity & sessions

We include Codenvy Analytics to track over 500 events across users, admins, environments, and resources. Check on session activity, actions taken within an environment, and resources touched during a session. Check the audit and access logs to track policy changes made by admins. Satisfy security and regulatory requirements related to development environments.

Benchmark group and individual performance

Benchmark group and individual performance

Quantifying development velocity and productivity is hard. Which projects are consuming the most build resources? What are the projects with the highest degree of sharing? Correlate group or individual performance against benchmarks to help everyone improve. We track, correlate, and report on activity across users, groups and administrators with embedded BI.

Improve efficiency with Jira and Jenkins bridges

Improve efficiency with Jira and Jenkins bridges

Eliminate the time developers spend re-configuring environments to work against a specific branch or build. We connect your lifecycle tools together to attach developer environments to tickets, issues, and build ouptuts

Add custom tooling with plug-ins and APIs

Add custom tooling with plug-ins and APIs

Codenvy Enterprise is built on the free and open Codenvy SDK that loads, manages and executes tooling plug-ins. Develop your own extensions to add new languages, frameworks, extensions, and features to fit your processes and systems.


Add hardware to shorten builds and accelerate debugging

Add or remove new physical nodes to your editor, builder or runner clusters dynamically. Give projects, users, and groups their own memory and CPU allocation policies. Allow environments to share hardware or have dedicated resources through the use of performance queues.

Simple installation and automated improvements

Simple installation and automated upgrades

You are agile and so are we. We made Codenvy Enterprise installable anywhere – whether for our internal acceptance tests, public cloud, or for your secure, corporate-wide deployment. Our puppet-based automation system handles all aspects of multi-node installation, upgrades, and patching. Upgrades are sourced from our hosted Codenvy Updater service. Schedule maintenance windows and upgrade without compromising environments or your configuration.


Install Codenvy Enterprise Now

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Desktop Administration

Desktop Administration

Our whitepaper about the administrative costs of desktop IDEs

Whitepaper, Enterprise


Codenvy Blog

Our worldly musings

Stories, Blog

Open Stack with Piston

Deploy to Open Stack with Piston

A secure, scalable, and low-cost IaaS solution

Stories, Partners, Enterprise



On-demand workspaces for middleware

Bitbucket, Factories, Google App Engine, Java, Webapp2

Selling to developers just got easier.


Dramatically speed up sales cycles

A single URL provides instant access to your fully functional SAAS developer environment. Your code is ready to run. Distribute via emails, chat, social media, forums, PDFs, banner ads, or the web.

Tracked Factories

Developer environments featuring your code in a browser. No configuration. No download. Prospects can run, build, test, and debug your code… instantly.


Make access to your code easy and ubiquitous

Embed branded environments loaded with your code anywhere you can put an iFrame: websites, banners, blog posts, etc.
Track and measure everything

Track and measure everything specific prospects do

Granular reporting provides detailed metrics on individual prospects:
  • Did they look at your code?
  • When?
  • How long did they experiment with it?
  • Was your code run successfully?
Market with confidence

Market with confidence

Stop guessing about the performance of marketing channels. See what campaigns result in engagement and conversions. It’s like web analytics for your code.
Closed loop developer marketing

Closed loop developer marketing

Automate your reminders and drip marketing campaigns for raw leads based on what prospects do, or don’t do, with your actual demos and PoCs.
Take control of the demo process

Take control of the demo process

Automatically disable factories after certain amounts of usage, at set times, or on-demand. Restrict access by user, password, or IP address.
Make it your own

Make it your own

Control the look, feel, and behavior of the factories to match your brand. Add your logo, brand colors, and any copy or content you desire. You can even alter basic functionality with custom plug-ins.
Free and Open

Plug-ins for the Browser Era

Download the Codenvy SDK

The Codenvy SDK is a Java framework for building modern Web client applications that look great, perform well and make your users happy. It’s similar to the popular Eclipse RCP, but optimized for the Web.
Create packaged extensions

Create Web client apps packaged as extensions

Create extensions packaged as bundles and deployed into different runtimes. Extensions are packaged as WAR files that run in any servlet environment such as Jetty or Tomcat. You can also deploy them into Codenvy Enterprise or as an add-on to making them available to different users.
Provide a seamless update experience

Provide a seamless update experience for your users

Codenvy’s cloud architecture eliminates interoperability and update issues that plague downloadable Web applications. Your extensions are server updated and transparently provided to users.

Extend editors, languages, frameworks, or runtimes

Our APIs let you quickly build business and developer tooling by providing smart abstractions (like editors) with rich windowing components, HTML5 support, and stylish looks. There are abstractions for server- and client-side components with support for teamwork, your preferred Java development tools, and code re-use.
Browse the Codenvy SDK APIs


Browser compliant and secure

Write extensions in Java, GWT, and Guice and our compiler generates JavaScript for popular browsers. Break through the server abstraction, when needed, to include GWT, JavaScript, and HTML5. With fast rendering and modern Web technologies, you can move the most demanding developer applications to the Web platform with ease. No need for installations or plug-ins.

Port your Eclipse plug-ins

Our SDK is Eclipse-like, making the transition to cloud development easy. Data bindings, windowing APIs, and lifecycle development are modeled after Eclipse RCP best practices.

Track engagement and usage

Combine your extension with Tracked Factories to capture events, activity and usage metrics. We generate analysis, reports, history, and dashboards. It’s like Google Analytics for your extensions.

Open source freedom and support

The Codenvy SDK is a rock-solid base to build your developer tooling on. With many years of development, 40 open plug-ins, an open source license, commercial backing, and a growing community, you can trust the continuity of the Codenvy SDK.
Download the Codenvy SDK binary
Clone the SDK source from GitHub

The Codenvy Platform


The Codenvy Platform is constructed of modular blocks of functionality called Plug-Ins. Plug-Ins are packaged extensions that either add new capabilities or extend existing ones. Extensions are authored in Java with access to a rich set of APIs that provide helper capabilities across the development cloud. From windowing to builders to extensions for your own Web client applications, the only limits imposed on plug-ins are the extent of your creativity.
  • Packaged extensions authored in Java.
  • Build extensions for editors, builders, projects, runners, windows, accounts, and environments.
  • EMF, GME, GEF extensions for modeling and rich web applications.
  • Create client and server-side extensions.
  • Full development lifecycle including building, unit tests, debugging, packaging and updates.
Example Plug-ins: GitHub Repository

Codenvy SDK

The free and open Codenvy SDK is a Java Web Framework for building, packaging, and deploying Web client applications. The Codenvy SDK packages plug-ins into an application that uses GWT to generate optimized, cross-browser JavaScript. The SDK runs on our Web Client Platform, a lightweight runtime supported across many Java servlet containers. The WCP is similar to the Eclipse RCP, but optimized for the cloud. Included within the SDK are dozens of plug-ins, a default IDE, and tools for building, packaging and deploying your own plug-ins.
  • FREE & Open!
  • Single server and lightweight runtime for plug-ins.
  • Similar to the Eclipse RCP, but built for the cloud.
  • Leverage the WCP and deploy your application into any Java servlet.

Codenvy Platform

The Codenvy Platform is a continuous development cloud that provides scalability, security, manageability, and tenancy to populations of developers who are simultaneously developing, building, and debugging applications. The Codenvy Platform runs the Codenvy SDK at its core, and virtualizes access to plug-ins across a user, developer, and administrator population. We optimize the developer experience by virtualizing developer sessions across different physical nodes that service unique functions such as editing (I/O intensive), building (CPU intensive), and debugging (memory intensive). The Codenvy Platform provides multiple management points including API access, CLI, and system administration. Activity and access are logged in our intelligence and analytics system. The Codenvy Platform is optimized to deploy anywhere, whether it’s your raw VMs, private IAAS clouds, or hosted IAAS services.
A secure, scalable development cloud. Download our Architecture White PaperDownload


  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • LDAP
  • Command
  • Control
  • Data Export
Mongo DB

SaaS Developer Environments & Clients


Cloud Operations

Load Balancing
Public / Private


Identity / oAuth

Codenvy Products

Whether you want to use our hosted public cloud, or deploy your own Codenvy Cloud, we provide choice and flexibility. We host the Codenvy Platform at where it’s free to develop for everyone. If you need security, access to specialized resources, or fine-grained permission control, you can install Codenvy Enterprise on your own hardware. We make installation of a complete Codenvy Cloud fast, secure, and easy with our Puppet-based installation system. Allocate some hardware, register with Codenvy, and we install the rest. And with the Codenvy Updater service hosted and maintained by Codenvy, we will push updates, patches, and new plug-ins to your system when you request it. With over 100,000 active developers at, we operate one of the world’s largest clouds with a four 9s availability target. When we push patches to our cloud, they become available for your cloud.

  • Our public cloud with support and hardware.
  • Subscriptions for developers and business to support development, sales, and training.

Codenvy Enterprise

  • A secure and scalable Codenvy Cloud on your servers with bridges to ALM tools like Jenkins and Jira.

  • (Soon) A Codenvy Cloud for developers to create and debug plug-ins without downloading the SDK.

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