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Operate and customize your own secure workspace cloud.

Ajay Yeluri

Managing Director

Why Enterprises Love Codenvy

Enterprises need it all – one-click developer environments, team onboarding and collaboration, and a true DevOps workspace platform.

Codenvy integrates with issue management, version control and CI tools to generate ready-to-code workspaces with the right branch and runtime.

Under the Hood:
  • Factories and Chefiles
  • Atlassian JIRA Plugin
  • Microsoft VSTS Extension
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Git and SVN Plugins
  • Workspace and Platform APIs

Keep code secure on your central servers instead of spread across 1000 laptops. Protect workspace with HTTPS and granular permissions.

Under the Hood:
  • LDAP & AD Integration
  • Custom Authentication
  • Offline Install and Operation
  • Granular Permissions
  • No Local Source Code

A simple CLI enables scaling, upgrades, migrations, backups and auditing - even large installs are easy to manage. Codenvy can also host and manage for you.

Under the Hood:
  • Cluster Scaling
  • Resource Caps
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Upgrade Management
  • Auditing

Change the behavior of the server, add or remove plugins, or anything else. Based on the open Eclipse Che project, Codenvy provides the perfect base for custom developer tools.

Under the Hood:
  • Personalized Domain
  • Rebranding
  • Plugin Management
  • Distribution Licensing
  • Workspace and IDE SDK

Making Agile More...Agile

Ajay Yeluri

Managing Director

Codenvy lets us help our enterprise customers move to the cloud more quickly and with less stress and risk. LiquidHub focuses on helping secure enterprises take advantage of cloud and other technical innovations without compromising their risk requirements. Codenvy gives us a secure platform that IT can control but doesn't compromise the power a developer needs.

We plug Codenvy into the organization's secure repo, artifact repository, LDAP and even issue management and continuous integration systems. Developers can then contribute to a project, perform a code review or check in-progress code changes against specifications with the click of a URL.

“Codenvy helps even our largest and most security-conscious customers achieve the benefits of agile and cloud development.”

Codenvy Plays Nice With:

Codenvy works with all the developer languages, frameworks and tools. But it’s equally at home with the enterprise toolchain:

Plus hundreds more tools.

Why You Should Switch:

Codenvy Versus VMS and Vagrant

Codenvy containerized workspaces start faster than VMs, are recipe based (easy to update) and shareable with a URL. Use it on any device.

Codenvy Versus VDI

Codenvy loads fast and is as responsive as localhost (but it’s more secure). Share workspaces, do code reviews and even work offline.

Codenvy Versus Docker on a Laptop

Codenvy uses Docker but manages all the provisioning, scaling and stopping so you don’t need to install or configure Docker, Compose or Swarm yourself.

Codenvy Versus Localhost

Codenvy workspaces are shareable and portable. They never run out of resources and can be created and updated via API. Read more about Codenvy versus localhost.

What Do Enterprises Do with Codenvy?

  • Onboard new developers and consultants with zero lag time
  • Automate the creation of dev workspaces for their organization
  • Integrate Codenvy workspaces in their issue management tools
  • Enable collaboration between devs and stakeholders pre-commit
  • Add Codenvy workspaces badges to their repos

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