There are two ways to run your application in Che:

Console Apps

Create a command using ${current.project.path} macro to execute jars, python scripts, run gulp or grunt commands etc:

# execute a JAR
java -jar ${current.project.path}/target/application.jar

# execute python script
python ${current.project.path}/

Interactive Mode

If your application expects user input, run it from the Terminal, since commands are executed in a non-interactive mode. Also, some commands have prompts (for instance, if or not a user is OK with sending use stats). If this is the case, commands have to be passed with confirmation flags, like -y or echo yes | ${command}.

Web Apps

If your application should be deployed with a web server like Tomcat, Wildfly, Jetty or Apache, there are 3 mandatory things to be accomplished:

  • copy sources/build artifacts to 'deployments' directory of a chosen web server, for instance /webapps in Tomcat, /standalone/deployments/ in Wildfly, /var/www/html for Apache.
  • configure a web server (if necessary)
  • start a web server (unless it is automatically started when a machine starts)
  • find the right port which is mapped to the internal server port

Copy Sources/Build Artifacts

If this is a Java web app, generate .war artifact and copy it to web server’s 'deployments' directory with the following command:

mvn -f ${current.project.path} clean install
cp ${current.project.path}/target/*.war /home/user/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT.war


Pre-defined Java stacks have Tomcat 8 on board with $TOMCAT_HOME environment variable pointing to /home/user/tomcat8

cp ${current.project.path}/target/*.war $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT.war

You may copy build artifact and keep its original name. In this case, the preview URL will be http://${host}:${port}/${}. In the above example, build artifact is copied with ROOT name, which turns the app preview URL into http://${host}:${port}

Start a Web Server

Use startup scripts (usually in /bin directory of a webserver). You can start a webserver manually, or add a start-up command to CMD instruction of a machine recipe (if you start a machine from a custom recipe).

Preview URL

When sources/build artifacts are deployed to a webserver and the server is up, get application preview URL in Servers tab (Machine perspective icon in the top right corner:

Machine perspective


If you use pre-built Che images, preview URLs are marked with Labels, like tomcat8, apache2, etc.