Vaadin is a set of user interface components for Web applications. Vaadin projects work within Che. This page provides a quick configuration guide to get started.

Instructions - Create a New Workspace ```text
# In the dashboard, create a new project and import from source:

Choose the Java stack.

# Create the workspace. ```

Instructions - Create Commands ```text
# In the IDE, create a new command. Give it the syntax: Title: run Command: jetty:run Preview: http://${server.port.8080}/${current.project.relpath}

You can set up live reload and auto-compilation.

# Add a second command of type maven: Title: compile Command: compile Preview: ```

Instructions - Test Your Application text # Test your application 1. Open src/main/java/org/vaadin/samples/helloworld/*.java 2. Make some edits 3. Run the `run` command. 4. Run the `compile` command. 5. You can refresh the web app in the preview URL to see your changes.