TomEE is a JavaEE application server. (Learn more about TomEE) This page provides a quick configuration guide to get started with TomEE within Che.

Instructions - Create a New Workspace text # In the dashboard, create a new project from samples # Choose the stack library and select TomEE stack. # Choose the ready-to-run project: "web-javaee-jaxrs" # Create the workspace.

Instructions - Create Commands text # In the IDE, you have a set of predefined commands: CUSTOM - Run TomEE - Stop TomEE MAVEN - build - build and run - debug

Instructions - Test Your Application ```text
# Test the application 1. Run the build and run command. 2. See the application on the preview URL.

Stopping the TomEE application server

  1. Run the command stop tomee

Debug the application

  1. Run the debug command
  2. Connect the debugger by using local machine and port 8000 ```