Java Console Apps

1. Start any Java stack

Go to Workspaces tab in User Dashboard, pick any Java stack, create a workspace and run it.

2. Create a Java project

When in the IDE, go to Workspace > Create Project > Java. A wizard will ask for a project name and sources directory location.

3. Compile and run

When a project shows up in project explorer, open src/ Hit Ctrl+Space ti check code auto-completion, see error marking in action etc.

To compile and run the project, go to Edit Commands, choose Java type command, press + button to add a new command.

By default, is a main class and the command syntax uses this name. However, it is possible to choose another main class and the command will adjust itself accordingly.

4. Add a library to classpath

If your project uses 3rd party libraries, they should be added to classpath at Project > Configure Classpath. Before adding a jar to project classpath, it should be uploaded to the project at Project > Upload File.