Getting Started

You can get started with Codenvy through our hosted offering or by installing it yourself.

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With Docker 1.11+ (1.12.5+ recommended) on Windows, Mac, or Linux:

$ docker run codenvy/cli start

This command will give you additional instructions on how to run the Codenvy CLI while setting your hostname, configuring volume mounts, and testing your Docker setup. Once setup you’ll be brought into the Codenvy system.


Where To Go Next

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System administrator The Admin Guide.
Install, configure, and operate a global Codenvy cloud servicing all your developers.
Developer The User Guide.
Configure and use workspaces and the Che IDE (or any desktop IDE).
DevOps or Team Lead The DevOps Guide.
Automate workspace creation with Factories and integrate Codenvy with your private toolchain including GitHub, BitBucket, JIRA and Jenkins.
Plug-in Developer Che Plugin Guide.
Codenvy is based on Eclipse Che - to extend Codenvy simply build Che extensions. If you are going to place your extensions into a Codenvy On-Prem instance please contact us for guidance.