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Code with any IDE, language and version control system. Work from any computer, anywhere.

Steve Brown

Software Development Engineer

Why Developers Love Codenvy

Pull images from DockerHub or a private registry for single or multi-container environments. Snapshot workspaces to save their state between runs.

Under the Hood:
  • Docker Runtimes
  • Compose Runtimes
  • SSH Access
  • Pre-Built and Custom Stacks
  • Snapshots

Inject developer services into a workspace with agents for syntax auto-complete, error checking and a debugger. Then add root-access terminals and SSH access.

Under the Hood:
  • Language Servers
  • Intellisense and Refactoring
  • Workspace Agents
  • Intelligent Commands
  • Debuggers
  • Root Access Terminal

Code from any device without installing software using the built-in Eclipse Che IDE. Or use your desktop IDE with Codenvy's desktop sync.

Under the Hood:
  • Eclipse Che Browser IDE
  • RESTful Workspace APIs
  • Workspace <> Desktop Sync
  • SSH

Stop Configuring and Start Coding

Steve Brown

Software Development Engineer

Codenvy has been a huge time-saver for me. I often explore different open source projects from different computers running different OS. These projects can span multiple programming languages and versions. It's painful to manage all of those variables when all I want to do is get up and running quickly on a new project.

Codenvy allows me to have different base environments that I can start, so a project can live in complete isolation from other things I’m working on. Once I have my projects running in Codenvy, I can move to different computers without skipping a beat.

“Setting up a local IDE to support multiple languages across the computers I use and keeping them updated isn’t fun. I love that Codenvy removes that setup drudgery and lets me get back to what I enjoy doing.”

Codenvy Plays Nice With:

Plus hundreds more frameworks, languages and tools.

Why You Should Switch:

Codenvy Versus Cloud Editors is based on Eclipse Che – the open standard for cloud IDEs. Use it for web languages or even compiled languages. Plus it’s free!

Codenvy Versus VMS and Vagrant containerized workspaces start faster than VMs, are recipe based (easy to update) and shareable with a URL. Use it on any device.

Codenvy Versus Docker on a Laptop uses Docker but manages all the provisioning, scaling and stopping so you don’t need to install or configure Docker, Compose or Swarm yourself.

What Do Developers Do with Codenvy?

  • Access projects from multiple devices and locations
  • Set up a workspace to learn a new language or teach a class
  • Build a public code portfolio that can be built and run by anyone
  • Simplify contribution flow for open source projects and communities
  • Add Codenvy workspaces badges to their repos

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