About Codenvy

Codenvy is the “Develop Instantly” company. Our continuous development cloud improves velocity and control by making developer environments instant, extensible, and controllable. Based on an extensible plug-in platform, our SaaS developer environments include Codenvy Developer, Codenvy Enterprise, Codenvy ISV, and Codenvy Affiliate. By integrating with traditional IDEs, ALM, frameworks, libraries, databases, code repositories, CI, and PAAS/IAAS, Codenvy works with your processes and requires no changes to get started. This simplicity of development is why Google, Atlassian, Intuit and Accenture use Codenvy today.

We have 40 employees with offices in San Francisco, Luxembourg, and the Ukraine. Codenvy has raised $9M financing from Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and angels. For more information, please visit us at Codenvy.com.

The People at Codenvy

There are an amazing collection of people who work every day to make Codenvy a better company and place to work. There is a camaraderie and commitment to success that exists driven by passion and love for developer markets. If you would like to explore being a part of our community, we’d love to talk with you about our job openings.

Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and some cool Angels

Board Members
linkedin-iconTyler Jewell, linkedin-iconBenjamin Mestrallet, Vinny Smith

Stevan LeMeur, Eric Cavazos

Gennady Azarenkov, Andrey Parfovov, Vitaliy Parfonov, Sergey Kabashnyuk, Alexander Garagatyi, Anatoliy Bazko, Andrey Plotnikov, Anna Shumilova, Artem Zatsarynnyy, Dmitry Kuleshov, Dmytro Nochevnov, Dmytro Zamosenchuk, Evgen Vidolob, Evgenii Voevodin, Maxim Musienko, Maxim Saposhnik, Nadia Zavalko, Valeriy Svydenko, Vitaliy Guliy, Vladislav Zhukovskii, Zaryana Dombrovskaya

Operations & Support:
Eugene Ivantsov, Roman Iuvshin, Viktor Kuznetsov, Sergey Kyzhny

Rich Quarles, Melanie Barter, Caitlin Van Horn, Daniel Rogers, Jessica Lanham, Cara Porchia, Mor Keren-Gill

Alex Handy

Financial Operations
Veronika Mazour, Natalia Denisenko

We want to send a big Thank You to all of our wonderful vendors. We depend upon you to help make our customers happy: Atlassian, Amazon Web Services, Act-On, Eucalyptus, Facebook, GitHub, glassCanopy, GoDaddy, Google, GoToMeeting, Pingdom, Salesforce.com, Twitter, UserVoice, Vimeo, WordPress Engine, and YouTube

San Francisco Office
325 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Luxembourg Office
44, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-1330 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Ukraine Office
Office 603
242/1, Shevchenka Boulevard
Cherkassy, Ukraine 18000